Rule #437

The Tina Yother’s Army’s response to receiving a challenge to make a “SPORTS” movie.

Written by: Jena Serbu & Mark Dahl Directed by: Jena Serbu

Made as part of the 2007 Philadelphia 48 hour Film Challenge.

R. Vincent Johns as Jury. Photo by Annabelle MangoldR. Vincent Johns as Jury. Photo by Annabelle Mangold

Created by The Tina Yothers Army: Boss Lady, Mark, Brown, Wexler, Vance, Steve, Sharon, Ronnie Bullets, Dawn & Cozmo… Charles was there but he was very quiet

Ashlee Elizabeth Bashore- Bridgette
Brea Bee- Lady
Robert Boileau- Kevin O’Mara
Mark A. Dahl- Mr.
Renae Donald- Player 2
R. Vincent Johns- Jury
Steve J. Klasky- Kevin O’Mara
Harry F. Murphine- Player 1
Chris Osborne- Player 4
Jean-Louise O’Sullivan- Sarah
Cherie J. Patterson- Gina
Mary A. Sharples- Hillary
Gina Stickney- Ana
Scotty Yelity- Player 3
David James Bender- Special Effects Engineering
Anthony Brisco- P.A.
Jeff “Brown” Cuellar- Cinematographer, Set Design/Construction
Mark A. Dahl- Writing, Set design, Hair/Make-up design
Charles- Post Production
Renae Donald- P.A.
Adrienne Fuller- Lighting
Jessica Flynn- P.A.
Tom Harrity- Set Construction, P.A.
Tony Jeeter- Set Design/Construction
R. Vincent Johns- Set Construction, Props, P.A.
Annabel Mangold- Photographer
Kristine Miller- P.A.
Sharon Roggio- Assistant Director
Sara Scali- Props Master / Set Design
Jena Serbu- Editor, Producer, Director of Photography, Costume Design, Hair/Make-up Design
Dawn M. Smith- Production Manager, Lighting Design
Gina Stickney- P.A.
Beth Wexler- Editor, Sound Engineer
Crystal Whybark- P.A.
Ron “Ronnie Bullets” Williams- Camera Operator, Set Construction
Scotty Yelity- Cinematographer

Music Created and Performed by… Mike Frank & Craig Van Hise