Public Service

Please enjoy this wicked little tale where revenge is a “Public Service”.

Written and Directed by: Jena Serbu

A SWEETBREADS original. Late Film: Made as part of the 2009 Philadelphia 48 hour film festival. Elements have been long forgotten.

Created by The Tina Yothers Army: Jena Serbu, Dawn M. Smith, Beth Wexler, Scotty Yelity, Tim Kemper & Nick Romolini.

Heddy (Mother) – Amie Arizona Shafer
Dee (Older Sister) – Calla Smith
Anna (Younger Sister) – Dana Schwartz
Miss T – Brea Bee
Father – David Barrett
“Public Service” employees
Jesse Mclvane
Jerry Rudasill
Joe Martin
Jan Hines
Susan Goldsman
Dennis Mahoney
Jason Ignaczewski

Additional Actors:
Asa Collins
Tucker Collins
Jordan Stalsworth
Jen MacMillan

Dawn M. Smith – Producer / Set Construction
Costuming, make-up, camera, editor
Beth Wexler – Sound Engineer/Editor/Music
Scotty Yelity – Cinematographer
Nicolas Romolini – Cinematographer
James Jackson – Lighting / Location
Allison Samantha Johnson – Hair & Make-up / Special Effects
Tim Kemper – Set Construction / Lighting
Tony Cruz – PA
Brian Cowen – Fight Choreographer

Music Created and Performed by:
Mike Frank
Gary Viteri

Special Thanks
Studio 5 South
Diana Lynn Scott
Aline Serbu
Mary Notarfrancesco