Pas de Lumiere

Directed by: Jena Serbu w/ Benjamin Kanes
Winner: Best Production Design. Made as part of the 2005 National Film Challenge, a 72 hour film challenge from creation to credits.

Nils Marcune and Cheryl Blackman. Photo by  Shanna Fitzgibbons.Jeff 'Brown' Cuellar & Jena Serbu. Photo by  Sharon Roggio..Sara scali & Shanna Fitzgibbons. Photo by  Sharon Roggio.Jeff 'Brown' Cuellar. Photo by  Sharon Roggio.Photo by  Shanna Fitzgibbons.Dawn M. Smith. Photo by  Shanna Fitzgibbons.Photo by  Shanna Fitzgibbons.Nils Marcune. Photo by  Shanna Fitzgibbons.

Created by The Tina Yothers Army: Jeff “Brown” Cuellar, Rob Paluso, Benjamin Kanes, Sharon Roggio & Jena Serbu

Meg Arbo
Brea Bee
Cheryl Blackman
Alec Collins
Asa Collins
Bailey Collins
Jesse Collins
Tucker Collins
Gabe Turzo
Alyssa Zeallor
Andrew Thomas
Mei-yann Hwang
K. Nikkol Gonzalez
Cary Gottlieb
Tony ‘Jeeter’ Collins
Nils Marcune
Megan McCarthy
Allison Wajert
CREW (not including those who performed):
Justine Carpenter
Michael Celec
John Collins
Mark Dahl
Patti DeBow
Jsun Eberhardt
Amy Lynn Faul
Shanna Fitzgibbons
Adrienne Fuller
Jesse Hegney
Liam Larkin
Kristine Mason
Jen Morgan
Amy McMichael
Sean McKnight
Rob Paluso
Todd Rodenhiser
James Rolfe
Sara Scali
Dawn M. Smith
Steve Turzo
Janu Turzo Vaniere
Ron Williams

Full Blown Cherry
Man Man
Halsey B. Shelton
Mike Frank
Chris Shar
Tony ‘Jeeter’ Collins
Stefan Swanson

Special Thanks: Dave Roehm, Lee Larkin, Lee and Joan Kanes, Livia Kanes, Andrew Thomas, VFCT, Jennifer @ McKelvy and Son Landscape, Amy McMichael, Venus on the Half Shell, Planet X Restaurants- Rehoboth Beach Delaware, Mama Maria’s Italian ristorante and Paola Di Marco, Charter Tech High School for the Performing Arts & NINGUN for being a part of making the Local Philadelphia Artistic Community grow and develop.