The Livingsteins

When a dying man leaves his inheritance to his children as a prize for his murder, the 4 siblings react in typical sibling fashion (with cleaning products, arsenic and blunt objects).

Written by: Amie Shafer & Jena Serbu. Directed by: Jena Serbu

Winner: Best Editing

Created by The Tina Yothers Army: Jena Serbu, Beth Wexler, Dawn M Smith, Ronnie Bullets, Jordan Stalsworth, Scotty Yelity, Amie Shafer, Cosimo Marino, Bernard Parker Jr. & Conor O’Brien

Made as part of the 2008 Philadelphia 48 hour Film Challenge. 48 hrs, Genre: Animal Film. We were the first team in 7 years, and 60 cities (worldwide) to create 2 films, unfortunately they would only allow one for eligible for awards. The other film was Paralysie.

Thank you to our Supporters: Mark Bee & Tom Bee of SILK CITY & N. 3RD

Cast: Miss Pam……….Miss Pam Livingston
Edward J. Kernecke……….Mr. Ira Livingston
Cosimo Marino……….Sol Livingstein
Amie Shafer……….Esther Livingstein
Jordan Stalsworth……….Serah Livingstein
Brittany Brazill ……….Abigail Livingstein
Brea Bee……….Miss Ruth Badder Ginsburg
Jena Serbu
Director of Photography

Beth Wexler
Sound Engineer/Mixer
Boom Operator

Andrew W. Geller

Dawn M. Smith
Production Manager
Lighting Design
Special Effects

Ronnie Bullets
Set Design

Crew Cont.:
Jordan Stalsworth
Set Design

Scotty Yelity

Mike Mesa
Special Effects
Set Design

Tony Spectacular
Set Design
Special Effects

Alison Samantha Johnson
Hair/Make-up Design
Special Effects

PA: Bernard Parker Jr.
Conor O’Brien
Autumn Dea