Short film about a husband desperate to save his wife from her own behaviors.

Written & Directed: Jena N. Serbu.

Winner: Best Film, Best Writing, Best Editing. Made as part of the 2008 5 Day Film Challenge.

Thank you to our Supporters: Mark Bee & Tom Bee of SILK CITY & N. 3RD

Brenda Logan as Jenny. Photo by: Dawn M. SmithJen McMillian as Detective. Photo by: Dawn M. Smith.

Created by The Tina Yothers Army: Jena Serbu, Beth Wexler, Dawn M Smith, Mark A. Dahl, Vincent R. Johns, Jordan Stalsworth & Scotty Yelity.

Jenny……….Brenda Logan
Detective……….Jennifer MacMillan
Husband……….Robert M. Stineman
Female Lover……….Jordan Stalsworth
Male Lover 1……….J. Michael Stafford
Male Lover 2……….Michael Finnerty
Sound / Score: Beth Wexler
Editing: Jena Serbu
Cinematography: Scotty Yelity
Camera 2: Taryn Jones & Dawn M. Smith
Production Manager: Dawn M. Smith
Lighting: Tim Kemper & Dawn M. Smith
Casting: Jordan Stalsworth & Jena Serbu
Set Design: Sara Scali, Tim Kemper & Dawn M. Smith
Additional Music: Mike Frank & Craig Van Hiese
Make-up: Jordan Stalsworth
PA: Jenifer MacMillan & J. Michael Stafford
Craft Services: Al Serbu – A real fine lady

Sexy Time by Mike Frank & Craig Van Hiese