Figure Study #07

Gunther Von Hagen meets Andy Warhol in this short and deadly journey.

Written and Directed by: Jena Serbu

Winner: Best Narrative of 2008 Philadelphia Film Fest – Fest Indies
Made as part of the 2007 National Film Challenge (72 hour film challenge from creation to credits).

R. Vincent Johns: Cripple Boy Trolley.Jordan Stalsworth as Cleo.

Created by The Tina Yothers Army: Jena Serbu, Ronnie Bullets, Beth Wexler, Dawn M. Smith, Mark A. Dahl, Michael Minnard, R. Vincent Johns
Alyssa Posoff, Scotty Yelity, Gabe Turzo, T. Desiree Hines, Needles Jones, Robert Boileau, Terreyl Kirton.

Brea Bee – Alex
Jordan Stalsworth – Cleo
Joi Foley – Trist
Amie Shafer- Amie
“Lucky” Josh Blumenthal – Jason
Paul Hartner – CAD
Eddie Austin – Garret
Ashlee Elizabeth Bashore – Donna
Jean-Louis O’Sullivan – Fish
Axel Von Furstenberg – Axel
Thomas Kastrati – Ricky
Gabe Turbo – Cindy
Needles Jones – Cheeks Easton/ “Joan Rivers”
R. Vincent Johns – “Cripple Boy” Trolley
Samantha J Benson – Roller Girl
Mark Kochanowicz – Butcher
Brian Smalls – Butcher’s Assistant
Robert Boileau – Arm man
Scotty Yelity – Sexy Black Man with Dreads in the Wall
Henry “the Pig”- Lil’ Buddy
Jena Serbu – 7 Year old Wonder Genius
Mark Dahl – Reality Fabricator
Terryl Kirton – AD/ T-Bone
Dawn Smith – Super Hero Rock Star/ Production Manager
Beth Wexler – Editor/ Stay At Home Jew
Scotty Yelity – Cinematography/ Originator of the T-Shirt Loin Cloth
Ronnie Bullets – Camera Operator/ Set Construction/ Friend to all Swine
Anthony Collins “Jetter” – Torture Purveyor/ Set Construction
Eric Wahlstrom – Sound
Alison Samantha Johnson – Makeup
Jsun – On Set Consultant
Damian Turner – Doc Cam
Michael Land – Doc Sound
Sarah Leonard – PA/ Hospitality
T. Desiree Hines – Hospitality/ Craft Services
Alyssa Posoff – Key PA
Mike Mesa – Set Construction
Subash “ Storm” Sankaran – Set Construction
Crystal Whybark – PA
JT Murphy – PA
Brian Small – Costumes
Mark Kochanowicz – Lighting
R. Vincent Johns – Set Construction
Brea Bee – Set Photographer

Music by:
Good Dust
Mike and Craig

Special Thanks:
Aline Serbu
Liam Larkin
Nam (Last Drop Coffee House)
Mary Notarfrancesco
Janet Notarfrancesco
Pat Stern
Diana Lynn Scott
Eric Griffin
Mike Biaselli