The Documentarian

What happens when the observer becomes the subject. A short look into media manipulation from within.

Written and Directed by: Jena Serbu

Creative Team:
David Bender, Mark Dahl, Jena Serbu & Beth Wexler

Brea Bee- Amy / Vincent’s Mother / Prostitute
Mike Minard- Vincent / Vincent’s Father
Steven J. Klaszky- Professor
Joi Foley- Smart Girl
Rob Paluso- Sarcastic Boy
David James Bender- Quiet Boy
Jean-Louise O’Sullivan- Airy Girl
Ashlee Elizabeth Bashore- Flirty Girl
Etay Aroshas- Young Vincent
Charles: Foley Artist
Jena Serbu- Editor, Producer, Director of Photography, Set Design
Dawn M. Smith- Production Manager, Producer, Rockstar
Beth Wexler- Editor, Sound Engineer, Creation
Mark a. Dahl- Cinematographer, Creation, Charles’ assistant, Set design
Scotty Yelity- Cinematographer
Jeff ‘Brown’ Cuellar – Cinematographer
David Bender- Lighting Design, Set, Writing
Jsun Eberhardt- Lighting
R. Vincent Johns- Set, Production Assistant, Everything
Sara Scali- Props master
Brea Bee- Location Scout / Producer, Elevator Operator
Rob Paluso- Costume Design
Mike Minard- Stunt coordinator

– Beth Wexler, Sebastian & Stefan Swanson

Special thanks to our location donor: Steve Allen & our table donor The Wood Turning Center