Dark Shorts

And The Philadelphia Film Festival (CINEFEST) For Screening US!

Written by: Jena Serbu & Mark A. Dahl. Directed by: Jena Serbu

Short film depicting a time when earth’s water resources are either contaminated or exhausted. This situation produces a new form of thievery known as “extracting”.
Created by The Tina Yothers Army: Jena Serbu, Beth Wexler, Dawn M Smith, Mark A. Dahl, Vincent R. Johns, Jordan Stalsworth & Scotty Yelity. Made as part of the 2008 National Film Challenge, a 72 hour film challenge from creation to credits.

Winner: Best Production Design, Best Costuming.

Wife played by Jennifer MacMillan. Photo by Dawn M. Smith.James: Mark A. Dahl. Photo by Dawn M. Smith.Detective played by: Charlie Pendelton. Photo by Dawn M. Smith.Wife played by Jennifer MacMillan. Photo by Dawn M. Smith.

Cast: James…………..Mark A. Dahl
Wife…………….Jennifer MacMillan
Christine……….Jordan Stalsworth
Young Girl……..Klara Ladyzhensky
Detective………Charlie Pendelton
Water Peddler…J. Michael Stafford
Crew: Editing: Beth Wexler & Jena Serbu
Cinematography: Jeff “Brown” Cuellar
& Scotty Yelity
Producer: Dawn M. Smith & Jena Serbu
Casting: Jordan Stalsworth & Jena Serbu
Set Design: Sara Scali, R. Vincent Johns &
Dawn M. Smith Lighting: Scotty Yelity