Comedic Shorts

The Tina Yother’s Army gets FAIRY TALE… (but can’t seem to let go of mockumentary) What if Sleeping Beauty only thought she’d been asleep?
What if the whole story was just a prank by the kingdom, her prince and her handmaid? And now she’s too freaked out to sleep, it’s been 12 months and she’s extra cracked out for her SUPER SWEET SIXTEEN PARTY!!!

Written and Directed by: Jena Serbu & Mark Dahl


An UNCUT PRODUCTIONS Film. Winner: Best Costume Design. Made as part of the 2006 Movie Making Madness, 2 weeks, Genre: Fairy Tale, Subject: Insomnia.

Created by The Tina Yothers Army: Mark A. Dahl, Jena Serbu, Vincent Degouza, Beth Wexler, Joi Foley, Scotty Yelity, Crystal Whybark & Jeff Millman

Prince Freddie Prince Jr. “BoBo” Charming… Mark A. Dahl
Rosamond “Bunny” Charming… Brenda Logan
Viola McFairy… Brea Bee
Handmaid Joi… Joi Foley
Bobo’s man toy… R. Vincent Johns
Tina McFairy… Kristine Elizabeth Miller
Fancis McFairy… Lance Pawling
King Charming… Mark Kochanowicz
Not Quite the Queen… Amy Madgar
Jena Serbu… Producer, Editor, Camera, sleeping
boom operator
Mark A. Dahl… Set Design & Fabrication,
Costuming, make-up, camera, editor
Beth Wexler… Editor, Sound , Set Construction
Scotty Yelity… Camera, Gaffer, Set Construction,
all around amazing
Crystal Whybark… KEY PA
Vincent Degouza… Set Design & Fabrication, Grip
Tom Herrity… PA & Set
Jeff Milliman… PA
Tom Luvland… Set Photographer
Dawn M. Smith… Rockstar, Producer, road tripper
Ron Williams… Food assistant
Joi Foley… Assistant writer

Music Created and Performed by:
Mike Frank
Craig Van Hise
with Additional music by Tony “Jeeter” Collins