Wadsworth Magnetics, the leader in ultimate modern incarceration technologies, invites you to take a look at their latest product, Humane Electromagnetic Lockdown. Welcome to Billville. Enjoy your stay.

Directed By: Jena Serbu with Jon Hafer
Winner: CityPaper’s Best Experimental Short Film of the Philadelphia Film Festival, “The Directors Choice Award” The Cape May Film Festival

Photo by Sharon RoggioJon Hafer & Jena Serbu. Photo by Sharon RoggioKevin Atohi as Bill's Son and Jena Serbu. Photo by Sharon RoggioKevin Atohi and Nicole Atohi as Bill's Son & Daughter with Jena Serbu. Photo by Sharon RoggioMark A. Dahl as Bill. Photo by Sharon RoggioPhoto by Sharon Roggio

Mark A. Dahl……….Bill
David Bender……….Richard Wadsworth II
Kevin Atohi……….Bill’s Son
Nicole Atohi……….Bill’s Daughter
Brea Bee……….The Voice of Bill’s wife and children
Special Recognition: ChARTer Tech High School and Rob Lipsky

The Cape May Film Festival Called Billville:
“A surreal and Felliniesque vision of a future time when prisoners for capital crimes are incarcerated not by concrete walls but by those invisible boundaries created in their minds by a sci-fi inspired penal system. The visuals of this film are remarkable as is the editing of these images in layers upon one another to weave a story of a terrible crime by a man for whom the audience develops a surprising compassion.”

The Philadelphia Film Festival called Billville:
“A wonderfully well- crafted and effective post-modernist science fiction short”.