Scotte Lipiec – Photographer

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Scott Lipiec is the newest addition to Sweetbreadstudios. Lipiec’s interest in photography spawned from his father. He would like to say he spent hours upon hours learning from his father’s expert eye and encyclopedic darkroom knowledge. Unfortunately, as his father would put it “I’m blind in one eye and can’t see out the other”, so the photographer he was not, but he did always buy well. One of cameras the Lipiec family owned was a Canon AE-1 a with 50mm f1.4. The Canon AE-1 is a film camera you have to wind after each shot, and the lens is really sharp even by today’s standards. As for learning how to use the camera, Lipiec would hang out at camera stores and talk with other photographers. It was during this time that Lipiec got his education, mostly about image clarity, chemistry, and printing. Within a few years he collected his lessons, more cameras and accessories, and built his own darkroom. He learned that in every science there is an art and in every art there is science.

Lipiec is also a degreed engineer and most of his nerdy traits of being an engineer are imbedded into his love for photography. Yes, he loves technical manuals. Who doesn’t want to curl up at night with a set of charts and graphs? As for the artistic side, there really isn’t a chart or graph that helps you learn that. Lipiec’s artistic drive came from jealously. When he would see someone’s work that he liked, he would immediately get jealous and want to do better. Although this may not be the healthiest or inspiring of attitudes, it’s the truth. A possible side-effect of this mental condition is an overwhelming desire to continue to learn, be inspire and to inspire others. His constant desire to excel leads him to experiment with everything, from new film, to engineering his own lighting equipment, and to every seemingly limitless digital processing available.

Lipiec’s photography can be seen in Detroit’s weekly publications, Real Detroit and The Metrotimes. He does promotional work for a popular nightclub, Luna, and the monthly dance shows they perform. Lipiec is also a staff photographer for the Detroit Roller Derby Girls and his work can be found online and in many of the bout programs used by the league.

He will admit that his favorite theme is “hot chicks with guns or swords” but he most appreciates it when he can catch people pushing the envelope of their persona.  He looks to catch people being vulnerable, being angry, being happy or just being themselves.

His other pastimes, besides photography, include; teaching kickboxing and yoga, and building/designing S&M furniture.

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