Laura Hinojosa

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Location: Detroit

Ever since Laura was a little girl, she’s been drawing and creating visual art. As a young child she naturally gravitated to animation. At the age of 9 she created her first comic book series titled, “Hector and Spiff” which featured two cheetahs that lived in a national park and told of their adventures together.

In high school, Hinojosa was an exemplary art student and took advanced CAPA classes. Her talents lead her to Schoolcraft College where she majored in Graphic Arts but studied all forms of art including: freehand, live model, sketching, pottery and various software such as, Adobe Creative Suite and page layout programs.

After school she studied a more tangible form of design and worked at a sign shop called Sign & Art where she became very comfortable working with, applying and removing vinyl. Hinojosa also created logos and business identities during this time.

From there Hinojosa worked as a graphic artist for Solomon Friedman Advertising creating logos, billboards, magazine ads, and web ads for major clients like MGM Grand Casino, The Henry Ford Museum, and KFC. During her 4 years with the company she honed her Adobe skills and the art of advertising.

Hinojosa also does graphics and design works for her other passion, Roller Derby. Roller Derby is an aggressive high contact sport for women. The Detroit Roller Derby is a member owed organization of about 80 women who all must play a role in the function of the sport. All of the bout posters, programs, and flyers have to be managed by the league. Hinojosa has created several posters and flyers along with all of the league’s bout programs for the past 3 years. To learn more about the Detroit Roller Derby Girls please visit their website.

Her Roller Derby involvement and the invasion of the film industry in Michigan landed Hinojosa a significant role in Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut “Whip It” an adaptation of the book “Derby Girl” written by Shauna Cross. Hinojosa play’s herself, Vega Vendetta on the Holy Rollers led by actress Juliette Lewis, the team most featured in the film counter to the hero team The Hurl Scouts. While working on the film Hinojosa had an opportunity to assist in the art department in-between long practice days along with getting some helpful trade hints from storyboard artist J. Todd Anderson.

Her artistic future is now in film. She landed her first “behind the scenes” film work on Rob Scheider’s “Virgin on Bourbon Street” as a graphic designer. Her work on the film is prevalent on every set and includes, logos, book covers, vinyl bus graphics, background images, props and posters. Hinojosa also did some of the set dressing for the project.

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