Dawn M. Smith

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Location: Philadelphia


In charge of Operations. In charge of maintenance. In charge of communications,
adult writing and discipline.

Dawn M. Smith found UNCUT Productions through Benjamin Kanes when a pregnant stage manager bailed on one of their shows (a series of one acts) the day before it opened. Dawn took responsibility for the entire performance and managed it as if she had been working it for weeks. Unable to use the word NO, she has become the veritable horsepower for every play, film and performance since that day. In the late summer of 2004 when UNCUT performed Eye of the Tiger “Thrill of the Fight” the stage play she became addicted and surrendered her time, her life, her memory and a large portion of her sanity over to UNCUT and Sweetbreads. Dawn will forever have her heart in the theater but found the demands of film making and the constant movement, while destroying her limbs are a perfect accompaniment for her personality.
Dawn’s laundry list of talents include photography, making furniture for small children, special effects, raw meat handler, sign builder, total event management (especially when everyone else is drinking), sustenance provider to mean editors, tolerator of the intolerable, painting with primary colors, humorist, steadicam operator, property maintenance, and most important owner of the shortness (thank god for that or we would have nothing to make fun of).

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