The AUTUMN INVITATIONAL – at Off the Wall Gallery at DIRTY FRANKS running through OCTOBER

Throughout October IPPSIE JONES will be experiencing her/its introduction to the world. Ippsie Jones is the writer/illustrator of a few kind and dastardly books by Sweetbread’s Jena Serbu. The show will appropriately feature a series of bar napkin drawings and images from The Ballad of the Pollynod, The Kufka Sword and Gin. The limited edition series will also be on display and available for purchase. We are so excited to introduce this line of stories not yet told to small children, for various obvious reasons.

Please visit and toast the arrival of Ippsie Jones into the World!!

there’s a monster in my head

and a dragon in my mouth

I’ve got tigers in my belly

and venom snakes that roam about

in every little vein

that lie

beneath my pale white skin

they slithe

they slither

they make my blood like Gin

SHOW OPENS October 4th, corner of 13th and Pine in Regal Old Philadelphia